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10 brilliant blueberry recipes

by Ellen 28th June 2016
Peach and blueberry cake

Summer has finally arrived and these beautiful little berries are in season. High in vitamin C, B6, K, fibre and antioxidants they’re incredibly good for you and considered a superfood by some.

They’re ripe and ready to be enjoyed at this time of year as a healthy snack, or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous in all manner of recipes both sweet and savoury. Here’s our top ten gorgeous blueberry recipes to try and test:

10. Fluffy blueberry muffins

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Deliciously simple and tasty, muffins are arguably the best ways to enjoy blueberries. Recipe here.

9. Balsamic blueberry glazed chicken

[responsive-image id=’5393′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’blueberry glazed chicken’]

A tangy twist on baked chicken, the sweet blueberries combined with tangy balsamic make a wonderfully flavoursome sauce. Recipe here.

8. American blueberry pancakes

[responsive-image id=’4468′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’American pancake stack’]

Thick, fluffy and indulgent pancakes. Try adding crispy bacon for a true American experience. Recipe here.

7. Blueberry and lemon cheesecake bars

[responsive-image id=’5394′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’lemon and blueberry slices’]

A tangy, zesty and easy cheesecake recipe that’s light and fresh. Recipe here.

6. Blueberry-Bourbon BBQ sauce

[responsive-image id=’5395′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’BBQ glaze’]

This sweet, tangy sauce is perfect for spicing up your summer barbecue. Recipe here.

5. Banana-blueberry milkshake

[responsive-image id=’5397′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’blueberry smoothie’]

Get your sweet fix the healthy way with this banana-blueberry smoothie creation. Recipe here.

4. New York style blueberry bages

[responsive-image id=’5400′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’Blueberry bagels’]

Great for breakfast spread with a thick layer of cream cheese. Recipe here.

3. Blueberry yoghurt swirl popsicles

[responsive-image id=’5401′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’Blueberry Popsicles’]

A healthy, light and refreshing summer treat. Recipe here.

2. Blueberry and peach cake

[responsive-image id=’5390′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’Peach and blueberry cake’]

Greek yoghurt, sweet peaches and tangy blueberries – what’s not to love? Recipe here.

1. Blueberry mojitos

[responsive-image id=’5403′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’Blueberry mojito’]

A fresh take on this classic summer cocktail. Recipe here.

So there you have it – our 10 favourite blueberry recipes, if you do try any of them be sure to share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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