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3 delicious, healthy summer salads

by Tash 21st April 2015
Warm quinoa salad with grilled halloumi & roasted peppers

Whether you’re searching for easy dinners to make on your self-catering holiday abroad, or want to make the most of British springtime with dinner outdoors tonight, here are 3 delicious, healthy summer salads that you can make in minutes – enjoy!

Caesar Salad Twist

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Ingredients: bag of mixed salad leaves, Grana Padano cheese (shaved), crusty crutons and creamy caesar dressing, (optional: chicken)

I tried this salad on holiday at Playa Montroig last year (the restaurants on parc are incredible!) and loved it for its simplicity and twist on classic Caesar ingredients.You only need 4 things to make this, so try and use the best quality ingredients you can find/ afford. This is the quickest of all 3 recipes and can be made in under 60 seconds!

Grilled halloumi & roasted red pepper salad

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Ingredients: block of halloumi, jar of roasted red peppers, quinoa, spinach, (optional: balsamic glaze)

Quinoa is a type of grain and, like couscous, is a relatively cheap way of making salads more filling. Whilst that is cooking on the hob (for around 20 minutes), slice the halloumi and decide if you’d like have it grilled or not. Tip: this Cypriot cheese tastes delicious after a few minutes on a George Foreman grill. Lay the cheese over a bed of spinach and roasted red peppers, before adding the cooked quinoa and topping with balsamic glaze (thicker consistency that normal balsamic, i.e. won’t leave your salad swimming in oil!).

Cajun salmon, courgette and giant couscous salad

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Ingredients: Salmon fillet, cajun spices, courgettes, spinach, giant or normal couscous, tomatoes

For the salmon: Salmon fillets are really easy to cook and will leave you feeling surprisingly full. Pour some olive oil in your palm and rub each salmon fillet, wiping away any excess oil. Place each fillet into a foil parcel on a baking tray and sprinkle over cajun spices. Bring the sides of the parcel together so that the fillet is wrapped like a present (but not too tight!). Place in a fan oven at 180 C for 20 minutes (until cooked through completely).

For the salad: Giant couscous is available in most supermarkets, in the aisle with dips and other salad sides. If you can’t find any, normal couscous will do and is great value too (around £1.20 for 1 kg bag). Tip: cook normal couscous in chicken or veg stock to add more flavour! Next, take a potato peeler (you’ll need one that looks like a razor!) and move back and forth along the top of the courgette, until you start to get slices that look like wide ribbons. Mix the couscous, courgette, spinach and tomatoes together, before placing the cooked salmon fillet on top.

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