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5 easy April fool’s pranks for parents to play

by Michelle 27th March 2016
April fool's pranks for parents

Calling all big kids! April fool’s day isn’t just about harmless fun for kids – it should be about fun for mischievous grown ups too.

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If you’re looking to turn the tables this April fool’s, check out my round up of some of the best pranks for parents to play on kids. The best part? They’re not only simple and easy to do, but will have them giggling in no time!

1. Food colouring in the milk

Slip some food colouring in a cereal bowl and cover with cereal when no one is looking.

It won’t make the milk taste bad, but will definitely provide a colourful shock for your kids when they make their morning cereal.


[responsive-image id=’2195′ align=’left’ caption=’Before: add milk & place in the freezer’]

2. The frozen cereal prank

[responsive-image id=’2194′ align=’left’ caption=’After: frozen cereal!’]

This prank is perfect to play on any fans of Frozen and Elsa.

All you have to do is pour some cereal and milk in a bowl and put it in the freezer overnight, so that it freezes completely.

The next morning, pull it out of the freezer and add a little more unfrozen cereal, just enough to cover the top. Then sit back and watch as they try to break into their breakfast!

3. Fake bugs 

Buy realistic toy flies, spiders, bugs, and any other plastic creepy crawlies you can find.

Hide them in your kids’ lunches (worm in the sandwich, anyone?) and they’ll be in for a fright when the lunch bell goes!

4.  Shrinking shoes

If your kids take ages to get ready for school each morning, here’s a trick that will make it a little more difficult!

Stuff toilet paper in the ends of their shoes and watch as they struggle to put them on – they’ll think their feet have grown overnight!

[responsive-image id=’2189′ align=’right’ caption=’Fill each oreo with toothpaste’]

[responsive-image id=’2204′ align=’right’ caption=’Minty fresh oreos!’]



5. Toothpaste-filled Oreos

Take a number of oreos and carefully remove the top biscuit from each one. Then scrape the frosting off of the base biscuit and replace the filling with toothpaste (we won’t judge you if you eat the icing).

Kids will think it’s their lucky day when you offer them cookies for breakfast…

Until they sink their teeth into the minty surprise!

So if you want to get your own back, why not put our top 5 pranks for parents to the test and let us know how you get on? And if you find yourself a victim of a prank, share your pain with us over Twitter, Facebook or leave us a reply below…


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