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5 super cool ice cream facts you need to know

by Richard 26th June 2015
Ice cream collage

1. How many licks does it take to finish a single scoop? Around 50, depending on how quickly it melts – and how hungry you are!

[responsive-image id=’3116′ align=’center’ caption=’Ice, ice baby: mint & chocolate’ alt=’Mint & Chocolate ice cream ‘]

2. Air is a key ingredient. Without it, the cream would freeze solid and you’d need serious muscles to run your scoop through it.

[responsive-image id=’3117′ align=’center’ caption=’You’re as cold as ice: chocolate with a hint of mint’ alt=’Chocolate & mint ice cream’]

3. The coolest of all ice cream facts: its perfect temperature is between -12 to -14ºC.

[responsive-image id=’3118′ align=’center’ caption=’What’s your flavour? Buttermilk Oreo’ alt=’Buttermilk Oreo ice cream’]

4. Hawaii is home to the ice cream bean, which contains a fluffy white mush (like a soft banana) that tastes like vanilla. We’ve had to take a blogger’s word for it since I haven’t had the opportunity to try it myself. Maybe one day…

[responsive-image id=’3120′ align=’center’ caption=’2 of your 5 a-day: strawberry & banana ‘ alt=’Strawberry & Banana ice cream ‘]

5. Around 15 billion litres of ice cream are consumed worldwide each year. That’s enough to fill 5,000 Olympic swimming pools. Imagine swimming in that!

[responsive-image id=’3122′ align=’center’ caption=’Strawberry fields forever’ alt=’Strawberry ice cream’]

Do you know any other ice cream facts that we haven’t included here? Leave us a reply below or share with us over Facebook and Twitter!

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