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6 unbelievably tasty healthy doughnuts

by Caroline 5th May 2016
Peaches & Cream Doughnuts

From the Krispy Kreme classic glaze to jam or chocolate-filled, everyone loves doughnuts!

But with a summer holiday on the horizon and the rising trend to eat healthier, I decided to go on the hunt for healthy doughnuts and was pleasantly surprised with the unbelievably tasty recipes I found.

They’re all baked, which makes them healthier and the lack of frying results in light and fluffy treats that you can enjoy without the guilt at home or on holiday.

1. Baked Blueberry Doughnuts

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A berry delicious recipe for those who love a bit of sweetness, but don’t want to run the risk of turning into a blueberry. These brilliantly simple, healthy doughnuts are perfect for breakfast on the go! Recipe here.

2. Pistachio Pudding Doughnuts

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Pistachio pudding doughnuts are truly dreamy. With a nutty flavour and a crunchy outer layer, these healthy treats are just delicious. Plus, they offer the softness and sweet kick of a regular doughnut. Perfection! Recipe here.

3. Double Chocolate Peppermint Mocha Doughnuts

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As close to enlighten-mint as you’ll ever get with doughnuts. There’s not much to dislike about these treats – mint and chocolate just go so well together. The gooey topping with crumbled chocolate sprinkle will make them a family favourite in no time. Recipe here.

4. Red Velvet Mini Doughnuts

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If you’re looking to share the love, whip up a batch of these cute, healthy doughnuts and get set to enjoy vanilla and traditional red velvet flavours. Yum! Recipe here.

5. Peaches and Cream Doughnuts

[responsive-image id=’5085′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’Peaches & Cream Doughnuts’]


Fruit with cream is a staple of summer, now bring donuts into that and it’s a winning combination. With the creamy glaze and peach wedges cooked into the doughnut, this sweet treat is a summer must-have. Recipe here.

6. Pecan Pumpkin Pie Doughnuts

[responsive-image id=’5087′ align=’center’ caption=” alt=’Pecan Pumpkin Doughnuts’]


Adding a little extra crunch into the doughnut world, the pecan pumpkin pie doughnuts are ideal for when Autumn arrives and brilliantly easy to make. Recipe here.

Which one of these health doughnuts would you most like to try ? Share in the comments or over Facebook and Twitter.

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