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Beautiful ways to bring your holiday photos to life

by Richard 11th September 2015
Holiday photos: Florence at Dusk, shot by Matt Caville (@clickinlondon)

Last year I managed to take over 800 holiday photos during a two-week trip across central Europe. I took the photos on three different devices – a compact camera, a DSLR and my iPhone – and when I returned home I had absolutely no idea what to do with them! [responsive-image id=’3723′ align=’right’ caption=” alt=’Ansel Adams photography quote’]

It’s an issue we all face – even those of us who aren’t into travel photography. Our keenness to capture the moment can leave us with hundreds to choose from…

How should I edit my holiday photos down?

  • Delete anything that’s blurred or not quite good enough – you’ll never use them anyway.

Avoid duplication – I try and keep one of each type of shot, and delete the others, so everything I saw is still represented.

Back up your final edit! I have a copy on my laptop and an external hard-drive, and they’re all backed up on the cloud too (in case anything breaks or gets stolen).

Where should I share my holiday photos?

Social media

I usually put the best 20 or 30 photos on Facebook – as much as I love my friends, I don’t think they have the patience to look through many more than that. I also like my family to see them, so I upload around 50 to a photo sharing site like Flickr or Picasa and then I send an email sharing the web link.

Photography competitions

If you’ve been to Europe, you can share your favourite snaps on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #PictureEurope and you could win a Eurocamp holiday worth £1,000!

Get creative with your holiday photos

Some clever ways to display your family holiday photos, and avoid them existing only on memory cards or your laptop!

Make a collage

Used the frame from an old painting to host a collection of prints from your holiday. It costs next to nothing and will look great on the wall.

[responsive-image id=’3725′ align=’left’ caption=” alt=’Eudora Welty photography quote’]Insta-ready

You can print your favourite Instagram photos through apps like LALALAB and Print Studio, which provide posters, canvases and ready-made templates.

Print onto your favourite objects

Advances in digital printing mean it’s now possible to have your photos printed on literally anything! Calendars, magnets, stationery, phone covers, clocks, cushions, cards… you name it, you’ll probably be able to put a photo on it! Sites like Snapfish, Vistaprint and Photobox can do all that for you.

Good old fashioned photo album

Despite all this technology, I’m still fond of having a traditional photo album to leaf through. Since they don’t have the capacity to hold 800 photos they encourage me to be very selective, and they’re great to have on the coffee table or bookshelf for when we have people round.

What do you do with your holiday photos when you return home? Send us your ideas – and remember, if you’ve enjoyed holidays in Europe, post your snaps using #PictureEurope to enter our holiday competition!

(Header photography shot by Matt Caville)

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