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The best markets of northern France

by Ellyn 10th May 2017

Long before they were the fashionable accessory for all wannabe foodie destinations, the town and village markets of northern France stood firm against the advance of the chain store and the supermarché. In truth, they didn’t have to try too hard – when the produce is this good, there’s just no competition.

For the lucky people of Brittany, Normandy and Picardy, the weekly (or more frequent) market is no cynical tourist trap selling flown-in crafts and stale galettes. They’re a living link to the past, and a delicious conduit into the region’s fabulous, farm-fresh produce. Think gooey cheeses, crisp cider and salty oysters.

Practically every commune will have its market – Paris and the big cities have lots – so wherever you’re headed, take time to explore (and taste) the very best made-right-here produce.

St Cast le Guildo

Market lovers are spoiled for choice in the traditional coastal town of St Cast le Guildo! A night market with local food, crafts and live entertainment takes place in Place Des Mielles every Thursday from June to September. Or if you’re a more of an early riser, head to the Monday morning market to pick up fresh fish, vegetables, cheeses and bread.

Our nearest parc: Chateau de Galinée


This Monday market is definitely one for the seafood lovers. Head here to grab some freshly caught fish, and crack open an oyster or two. In the summer months, show up early and local fishermen will even take you on a guided tour of the harbour. Treat yourself to a succulent crèpe or galette once you are all done with your shopping.
Our nearest parc: L’Atlantique


There’s more to this town than tapestries. La Place Saint Patrice is the place to head for the Saturday market. Especially if fine Normandy produce is your thing. So expect local cheese producers, Normandy cider and Calvados, soft fruit and organic veg from the land, and fabulously fresh oysters and shellfish from the sea. And, this being France, live poultry and rabbits too. It’s an ‘all human life is here’ sort of place, with bric-a-brac, books and vintage fashions too.
Our nearest parc: La Vallée


It’s worth heading to this Monday morning market early as it tends to attract a lot of visitors. Food and drink, household furnishings, clothes, souvenirs – there’s not much you can’t find among the 120 stands spread over several streets. But the best produce doesn’t hang around!
Our nearest parc: La Bien Assise


Food markets are a feature of daily life in the handsome Breton town of Quimper. The freshest produce is available in the stunning covered market hall ‘Halles Saint-François’ every day, a large outdoor market takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and on Friday afternoons the Kerfeunteun quarter hosts an organic market.
Our nearest parc: La Pointe St Gilles

Le Touquet

An absolute must if you’re in the area. Held three days a week over summer, this semi-covered market has been recognised as one of France’s monuments historiques (a national heritage site). On offer is an incredibly wide selection of spices and local produce, gaufres maison (homemade waffles) and caught-that-morning seafood.
Our nearest parc: Domaine de Drancourt


Stock up on all things local amongst historic buildings and beautiful beaches. Every Saturday morning, farmers, fishers and florists flock to Cours Jonville to sell their produce to a crowd of eager shoppers. Get down early to enjoy the market while it’s quiet!

Our nearest parc: Chateau Lez Eaux


Every Thursday in July and August, the local tourist board organises a night market. Discover many local products and crafts, before enjoying a musical put on by one of the area’s theatre troupes. And if you visiton the last Thursday of August, the local council will even buy you a drink!
Our nearest parc: La Grande Metairie

Le Food Market, Paris

Don’t have a big lunch if you put this market on your Parisian itinerary. This open-air market is all about celebrating street food and whether you fancy French, Moroccan, Mexican, Texan or vegan, you’re in luck. Running on the first and third Thursdays of each month, this relatively new attraction is gaining a reputation as being the destination for all things street, food and fun.
Our nearest parc: La Croix du Vieux Pont

Le Touquet pic, thanks to The Good Life, France

Le Food Market pic, thanks to HiP Paris 


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