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Corsica vs. Sardinia – Which is your holiday champion?

by Anna 9th March 2015

Two islands constantly battling it out are Corsica and Sardinia; close in proximity and with similar climates, it’s easy to see why people find it tricky to make a distinction between the two when deciding which one to pick for their holiday.  Therefore, we’re pitting our Corsica and Sardinia camping holidays against each other in our very own ‘destination off’ to help you decide which island paradise is for you.

How are we going to help you select your heavyweight champion?

By getting down to the nitty gritty of what each of these smashing locations offers.  Whether you want to know which one is best for holidays on the beach or would prefer to get lost amongst the island flora and fauna, we’ll help dissect them for you. 

A bit of background…

[responsive-image id=’1924′ align=’center’ caption=”]Corsica

Corsica is a French-owned island with a colourful history imprinted across the landscape. The region has a mixed heritage; you will see Roman traits, influences from Tuscany, and of course, French characteristics (Corsica officially became under French rule in 1768 after The Treaty of Versailles).   


[responsive-image id=’1926′ align=’center’ caption=”]Sardinia

Sardinia is an Italian island that also boasts a rich history. Whilst the Genoese and Pisans fought for control, it was Northern Spain that toppled them in the 14th century; for this reason you will notice the Hispanic feel to the island.  Italy then took possession of Sardinia in the 18th century and it has remained under their control ever since.

Verdict: Round one = Draw. Both Corsica and Sardinia have enough history to satisfy any history buff. 

Food & Drink


As you’d expect, the cuisine mixes the best of rustic French cooking and hints of Italian, with plenty of Mediterranean flourishes: good olive oil, fresh seafood and Provencal herbs.

In terms of traditional dishes, Corsicans are fond of their chestnuts, which are used to make flour, used to prepare polenta and are even eaten by their pigs which impart a delicate flavour in the local sausages and hams. If you’re not a fan of nuts, then there’s the infamous cheese, honey and the ‘must try’: the island’s charcuterie, which reaches sublime heights in the island’s prized prisuttu ham and panzetta. Be sure to wash all of this down with full-flavoured and distinctive Corsican wine.



[responsive-image id=’1923′ align=’right’ caption=”]Sardinians whip up their dishes with readily available produce fresh from the Mediterranean Sea. Fish such as seabream and seabass are grilled, boiled and wrapped in leaves or salt-crusted and baked, whichever way you have it, it’s guaranteed to be full of flavour and accompanied with a plate of fresh spaghetti in true Italian style.

If seafood’s not your thing, another popular dish is the durum gnocchi served with spinach, beet, eggs and whipped cream or the peasant casserole of myrtle hen. For those with a sweet tooth, you’ll love the zippole, a brandy-flavoured fritter served with cream – the perfect way to finish your meal.

Of course you can’t knock the Sardinian wine either, try Arborea, Vernaccia di Oristano Sangiovese, Semidano, and sweet Moscato.

Verdict: Round two = this one’s up to you and your palette’s preference!

Battle of the beaches

[responsive-image id=’1922′ align=’left’ caption=”]Corsica

When it comes to islands, you will have high expectations on the beach front – and you won’t be disappointed with Corsica’s.  Corsican waters are ideal for indulging in aquatic hobbies – diving, windsurfing and sailing. Of course you can just relax on the sand too; our parc Marina d’Erba Rosa has direct access to a stunning beach surrounded by palm trees and if you’ve had enough of the sea and sand (that gets everywhere!) you can just admire the view from the lagoon pool on parc. Talk about camping in Corsica at its finest!


[responsive-image id=’1930′ align=’right’ caption=”]Sardinia

Get your thrills discovering beaches in Sardinia on the coastal roads; they’re well worth the windy drive. The beaches here are immaculate and dazzle with white sand and aquamarine coloured water – worth a relaxing dip! Venture to Mari Ermi – a long beach of bright white quartz, with areas of fine, ochre-coloured sand, and the spectacular cliffs of Su Tingiosu. 

There’s also the rather lengthy (almost a kilometre long!) beach, Bosa Marina which has been awarded “five sails” – the local equivalent of a huge thumbs up! Our parc Bella Sardinia has direct beach access, making it perfectly placed for activities and taking part in some family holiday excursions such as horse riding and boating trips.

Verdict: Round three = Both islands offer holidays on the beach at their best, but I’m giving this one to Sardinia; the beaches are just far too dreamy…

Sights to See…

Corsica[responsive-image id=’1925′ align=’right’ caption=’Bonifacio’]

You must visit Bonifacio – dubbed the prettiest town on the island – offering an old town steeped in history, spectacular views that overlook the cliffs, and plenty of churches and museums to visit too. Nature-lovers should head to the Gorges de la Restonica, to the south of Corte, which is one of the island’s most attractive spots. Here you can splash about in the sparkling river pools from the Restonica River, and for those who enjoy a good hike, tackle the walk to the top of Monte Rotondo, standing tall above the valley.


Sardinia[responsive-image id=’1927′ align=’right’ caption=’Neptune’s Grotto’]

Take a car journey to Monte Arci Regional Park, and get active! There something for all outdoorsy fans; bike trails, rushing rivers for kayak enthusiasts and horseback riding trips. Bird watchers – take your binoculars as there’s plenty of bird life to spot! Whilst you’re in that area, take a trip to the Grotta di Nettuno (Neptune’s Grotto) impressive caves with striking rock formations in the cliffs. Make sure to have your camera to hand, as you’ll want to capture that sunset above the cliffs!

Verdict: Round four = Draw. Tricky one, both islands have their own treasures and there’s always the option of taking a boat ride over to the island you’re not on!

That concludes our head to head. I’ll have to leave it up to you to decide your island champion; maybe it’s just a case of choosing one and then catching a ferry and hopping over to the other. If you love your beach holidays then you won’t go wrong with either island paradises.  Likewise, culture vultures you’ll get your fill of Roman amphitheatres, Roman baths, old towns and fortresses on both islands. In terms of food and drink, they’ve both got that tantalising Mediterranean taste and the views from the vineyards (never mind the wine) are spectacular on both! Has this destination battle helped or hindered your decision?

I’d love to know which island you’re swaying towards and why! Is it a Sardinia holiday, Corsica holiday or a bit of both for you?

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MICHELE ZUCCA 15th March 2018 at 4:14 pm

If you like cycling: Sardinia to workout, Corsica when you are really fit 🙂


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