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*Guest Blog* 8 reasons couples should holiday with Eurocamp

by Holly 26th October 2015

The happiest memories I have as a child are from our Eurocamp holidays; the long but exciting journeys to parc, the excitement of choosing my new bed for the week, all the new friends I’d make and that feeling of being completely cocooned in a bubble of camping happiness!

So this year, when deciding where to holiday with my partner Johno, I immediately thought of Eurocamp – why can’t all those lovely memories be recreated even though I’m 20 years older, eh?!

After browsing through the Eurocamp section for Spain, we decided on Villanova Park Campsite in Costa Dorada. We chose this parc as it’s so close to Barcelona and easy to get to from the airport.

[responsive-image id=’3973′ align=’center’ caption=’Pool at Vilanova’ alt=’Pool at Vilanova’]

After spending 8 nights on the site, here are the 8 reasons why we think couples should add Eurocamp to their holiday list!

1 – flexible, cheap term-time dates

If you’ve looked at holidays with Eurocamp before you know how much of a bargain they are already, right? Now think about the times when all the kids are back at school in the UK; the prices are even more of a deal! For 8 nights in Vilanova Park at the beginning of September it worked out at approx. £335 for both of us!

2 – fly, drive, relax…

No kiddies meant that we had less luggage, so for us, flying was the best option! We flew from Birmingham to Barcelona El Prat for approx. £170 return per person. [responsive-image id=’3972′ align=’right’ caption=’Waiting to jet off!’ alt=’Waiting to jet off!’]

Barcelona airport is super organised with tons of car hire stations to choose from; we booked in advance and got 10 days for £200.

A word of warning though, Spain’s rules around excess insurance is very different to the UK- make sure you read the small print and go for the excess cover insurance!

Having a car at Vilanova Park isn’t essential as the Monbus connections to Barcelona city, airport and local towns are pretty amazing, but we liked the choice of nipping out to the supermarket and even just taking a drive to snap some photos!

3 – spacious accommodation

[responsive-image id=’3965′ align=’center’ caption=’Our Classic Plus Mobile Home’ alt=’Classic Plus Mobile Home’]

Eurocamp charge a single price for the accommodation you stay in, rather than a price per person. We stayed in a Classic Plus mobile home; this meant not only did we have 2 bedrooms, we also had a bathroom each! Its not often you go away as a couple and have your own bathroom and an extra bedroom to use as a dressing room is it?

4 – disconnect, talk, refresh!

We loved that we had to go to the campsite restaurant/ bar to use the Internet. This meant we spent time at the mobile home actually talking to each other, reading our books and taking in our surroundings.  We get so caught up in the world of social media it was refreshing to just focus on us for once. Of course in the evenings we headed to the bar for sangria and Wi-Fi – we couldn’t go without it completely!

5 – experience the city without expensive hotel prices

[responsive-image id=’1866′ align=’left’ caption=’La Sagrada Familia’ alt=’La Sagrada Familia’]

Barcelona is a must-see and I personally think it’s a city that will suit everyone; with the huge amount of historical attractions, the shopping areas, the beaches, the world-renowned skateboarding spots and the architecture… oh it’s wonderful! We found that because our Eurocamp site was so close we got to visit the city 3 times in 8 days!

[responsive-image id=’3966′ align=’right’ caption=’On the bus tour!’ alt=’On the bus tour!’]

The Eurocamp Couriers recommended we take the Barcelona City Tour hop on-hop off bus and we were so glad we did! It meant we got to see all the must-see spots around the city without having to walk miles.

Our favourite place was the Sagrada Famillia – an inspiring building that doesn’t stop changing from day to day!

If you were to fly from Birmingham to Barcelona and stay for 3 nights in Barcelona city centre it would cost around £700 for 2 people. Compared with the amount we paid for 8 nights it works out a bargain!

6 – enjoying your own cooking and saving money

We love cooking, eating and food shopping abroad, so the Eurocamp self-catering style holiday is perfect for us! The mobile homes at Eurocamp come with a cooker, fridge freezer, all the crockery and utensils you’d need – even a BBQ! Although it’s lovely to eat out at restaurants, some evenings we just fancied having a light snack of bread, cheeses, spicy chorizo and patatas bravas.

[responsive-image id=’3967′ align=’center’ caption=’Self-catered Spanish feast!’ alt=’Self-catered Spanish feast!’]

We like the freedom to eat what and when we like on holiday, rather than having to choose from a buffet or set menu like you do on some all-inclusive holidays.

7 – everything’s in one place…

On some of the days whilst away we just fancied relaxing, having a few beers and spending time on-site. Vilanova Park has everything that you need for a relaxing car free day – swimming pools, table tennis areas, aqua-aerobics classes, takeaway and a supermarket. [responsive-image id=’3968′ align=’left’ caption=’An evening at Vilanova’ alt=’An evening at Vilanova’]

After being in the busy streets of Barcelona it was nice to spend time on-site enjoying the facilities in a calm and relaxed environment.  In the evenings the bar put on entertainment, from Chinese acrobats to Flamenco dancers!

8 – but close to local towns too…

Everything you could need is on site but there’s nothing stopping you exploring local towns to see what they have to offer. On the days we didn’t venture to Barcelona we explored Sitges and Vilanova i La Geltrú.

Sitges is a lively cosmopolitan town, with beautiful beaches sandy beaches and plenty of cocktail bars to spend your afternoon at! We really enjoyed having a look around the boutique shops that line the cobbled streets. Make sure you check out the seafront cafés too for their yummy paella!

[responsive-image id=’3970′ align=’center’ caption=’Sitges Beach’ alt=’Sitges Beach’]

Vilanova I La Geltrú is approx. 10 minutes drive from the site and offers a more traditional Spanish town feel. We enjoyed afternoons here sitting outside cafés eating olives and drinking gin!  I’d recommend checking out Vilanova in the evening – around 7pm it really becomes a lively little place!

Going back to Eurocamp as an adult really showed me that it isn’t just for kids, it’s for anyone who wants a holiday with a difference! Forget being cooped up in a hotel room; imagine evenings when you’ve over indulged on yummy BBQ food and you can just relax outside your mobile home, light some candles and play UNO until the early hours – no all inclusive holiday beats that in my eyes!

Have you experienced a Eurocamp holiday like Tea & Blush or would you like to give it a go now? Tell us over Facebook or in the comments below.

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