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Hang on to your hols: The Fryer family’s story

by Francesca 17th April 2020
children on ferry deck on holiday

This year’s holiday is extra special for the Fryer Family. They’re leaving the Cavapoo puppy at Grandma’s and taking the plane instead of the ferry at the kids’ request. Here, Natalie explains why they’re still looking forward to their trip, whenever it might happen.

Our daily life is very busy: I run my own business, my partner Mark is a firefighter, and our two children Blake (7) and Sienna (3) are both pretty active. So we really treasure our holidays. They’re a chance for us to just to spend quality time together and enjoy the alfresco lifestyle.

Some people are desperate to get WiFi while they’re away, but for us, it is one of the things we’re happy to leave behind. It gives us a chance to disconnect from work and reconnect with each other. It makes us so happy to see the kids play outside together without the distraction of modern technology.

family eating an alfresco meal

Mark and I used to choose long haul destinations and luxury hotels, but we swapped all that for outdoor holidays when we started a family and we never looked back. A typical family holiday with us plays out much like camping holidays with my parents and siblings when I was younger. We load up the car with as many essentials, suitcases, toys and games as we can carry and set off on a self-drive adventure to France. I find the car journey and ferry crossing very nostalgic: the journey was always part of the holiday for me growing up and I still get excited when we drive onto the ferry. And despite what people think, the road networks abroad are much simpler than in the UK!

Camping holidays were the setting for some of my fondest childhood memories. I’d love for my children to look back on their holiday experiences with the same joy when they’re older too. Singing, playing and laughing together, making friends with other families, and the choice of activities available make our Eurocamp holidays stand out above any other type of holiday or short break.

Our favourite destination so far is La Grande Metairie in Carnac, Brittany. It’s perfect for us: a cosmopolitan seaside town nearby for beach trips and ice cream shop visits, amazing pools, and a vibrant atmosphere with plenty of entertainment for everyone. Both children dance regularly at a local dance and performing arts school and when they’re not there, they are usually dancing around at home – needless to say we always choose a lively site. They’re definitely in their happy place on stage!

I worked at La Grande Metairie as a holiday courier in 2004, and we camped there while seven months pregnant with Sienna, so returning there always brings back special memories for me.

sienna on the beach
Sienna is a little beach babe so we like to visit destinations near the beach. We’ve been to a few parcs in the Vendee, and we’ve visited Le Vieux Port and Sylvamar further down France’s Atlantic coast too. Last year at Sylvamar, both children learned to swim without aids, and this year we’re looking forward to seeing them enjoy splashing in the pool with confidence.

kids on waterslide at Sylvamar

We chose Playa Montroig this year because the pools look perfect for our two, and it has direct beach access. A good balance of beach and pool days keeps everyone happy! Blake insisted that we fly, so this year seemed like a good time to go on our first Eurocamp adventure in Spain. We’ll miss the morning croissants from the on-site patisseries in France, but we’re excited to try cooking some Spanish cuisine in our holiday home too.

We’re scheduled to travel in August, but everything depends on whether travel restrictions are still in place then. We’ll be hugely disappointed if we can’t go away on our family holiday this year to celebrate Mark’s 20 years’ service as a firefighter, but the decision will be out of our hands. Whatever happens, we’ll get there one day.  We’ll all need a holiday when this is all over!

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