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Meet Rosemary the UK’s most dedicated Eurocamper

by Ryan 2nd February 2017
Most dedicated Eurocamper

Here Rosemary, 83, a retired administrator who lives near Malvern, Worcestershire shares some of the highlights from her amazing holiday history and explains why she’s looking forward to even more great trips in 2017. Most dedicated Eurocamper

She says:

I came to Eurocamp quite late – I was 55 the first time I visited one of the parcs – but I’ve more than made up for it since then!

From my first visit, with my late husband, Ray, I was hooked and it’s become a really special part of my life.

We’ve shared so many of life’s milestones, and had so many brilliant moments, on our Eurocamp trips.

Ray and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary with friends and family at a beautiful Eurocamp parc in the Dordogne, Les Grottes de Roffy – and we made life-long pals during our many European breaks. Most dedicated Eurocamper

After Ray passed away I’ve carried on going with friends and family – including my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

I take a few trips every year, and love the fact that I can travel with my poodle, Daisy.

I’ve lost track of the exact number of trips I’ve taken – I stopped counting after 50 – but there will be more and I’ve already got my plans in place for 2017.

And I’ve seen Eurocamp change a lot in my time. We’ve gone from tents to luxury mobile homes – one of the best is the lakeside accommodation at the Eurocamp parc in Berny – with parcs in more destinations than ever before. Most dedicated Eurocamper

So my first trip came about after a work colleague recommended it. My husband had always enjoyed camping but I hadn’t been in a tent since I was a girl guide so we thought we’d give it a go.

That was way back in September 1988 and we went to Austria then on to the Black Forest via Hovercraft.

As soon as we arrived I realised this was very different from the wet and wild camping trips I’d been on in the UK.

We were in a tent back then but had everything we needed, including a BBQ and cooking equipment, and the weather was lovely. It was a revelation! 

After that we spent many happy years travelling all around Europe – making new friends and meeting up with old ones we’d found along the way.

The accommodation changed, we loved the choice of mobile homes, but the feeling of getting away from it all, and being free to explore places at your own pace, stayed the same.

We’d go away for as long as we could – our record was five weeks in the Ardeche – combining quiet days around the pool with sight-seeing in places like Verona and Venice.

There have been so many good times but our silver wedding anniversary is one that really stands out.

So we went to a beautiful parc – Les Grottes de Roffy in the Dordogne – and celebrated there with family and friends.

Since then I’ve taken my daughter and son-in-law with me, been away with the grandchildren and enjoy taking trips with my friends Jean and Eileen too.

I’ve got eight great-grandchildren so I’m sure they’ll be getting the Eurocamp bug!

My black poodle Daisy (she’s 12 in January) is another Eurocamp regular. She’s a great traveller – she’s on her second pet passport now – and always has a great time.

I love going away in summer but I like to travel in the quieter times too, early summer and September.

Now I’m looking forward to my next trip – going back to the Dordogne, in August 2017. I always book well in advance to make sure I get the spots I like, in the parcs I love but I love trying new places too.

At 83 my holidays still mean as much to me as ever. As long as Eurocamp are happy to have me I’ll be coming back for more!

Are you a Eurocamp regular like Rosemary? We’d love to hear your stories and see your holiday snaps – the older the better! – so please do send them to us here or share over Twitter & Instagram with the hashtag #BackToEurocamp

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