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September in Europe: 4 of the best events

by Michelle 5th September 2015
Dragon at the Fire Run, Barcelona

If you missed out on a fix of sunshine this summer, it certainly isn’t too late to book a week away before the autumn chill sets in. September is a great time for a European getaway when the peak summer tourists have gone home, leaving the attractions and beaches crowd-free.

Even better, there are some spectacular September events taking place in amazing holiday destinations. Here’s a guide to where you should be visiting this month and why…

 Party in Pula

What is it? Outlook Festival

Where? Pula, Croatia

When? 2 – 6 Sept 2015

Outlook Festival returns to Croatia this September with its celebratory fusion of dub, reggae, hip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass, garage, house and more on the dazzling Adriatic coast.

[responsive-image id=’3666′ align=’right’ caption=’Pula harbour: home of Outlook Festival’ alt=’Pula harbour, Croatia’]

Close to the historic city of Pula in Croatia’s northern region of Istria, the festival is set in set in and around an abandoned fort – choose from a dungeon, the beach or the festival’s main stage set on a harbour. And of course, boat parties are always a highlight of Outlook. The party lasts several hours, leaving the Harbour area and sailing into the beautiful Adriatic Sea. The boat navigates its way through the Brioni Archipelago nature reserve, and depending on the specific time of day, ravers will either get scorching summer sun, sunset or a stunning starry sky.

Gawk at Gondolas

What? Regata Storica

Where? Venice, Italy

When? 6 Sept 2015

[responsive-image id=’3668′ align=’right’ caption=’Ready for the race?’ alt=’Gondolas’]

Venice’s most exciting gondola race sees teams of gondoliers – some decked out in 16th-century style decoration – compete along the Grand Canal.  The annual procession takes places on the first Sunday of September and commemorates the welcome given to Caterina Cornaro, the wife of the King of Cyprus, in 1489. Accompanied with food, music and much fanfare, the Regata Storics is a fun event to catch if you’re visiting Venice this September.

Marina di Venezia and Ca’Savio are just a short boat ride away from the floating city.

Be at Barcelona’s biggest bash

What? Les Festes de la Mercè

Where? Barcelona, Spain

When? 18 – 24 September 2015

Every year Barcelona holds its largest street party, the Barcelona la Mercè Festival. The festival is a riotous celebration of Catalan culture that honours Barcelona’s patron saint, the Virgin of La Mercè.

With the event lasting around 7 days and hundreds of individual events happening all over the city it can be hard to know where to start. So here are a few festival highlights if you want to make to most of your time:


[responsive-image id=’3661′ align=’right’ caption=’Dare you to brave the Fire Run in Barcelona!’ alt=’Dragon at the Fire Run, Barcelona’]

‘Fire run’ is a parade in which revellers dressed as devils and fire-breathing dragons let of fireworks to brighten the streets with sparklers. Not for the faint-hearted, but definitely for the adventurous. If you want to be in the front rows, remember to leave your best frock at home and cover up as much as you can: long sleeves, a hat and a scarf to tie round your face. The best place to view the action is along Via Laietana between Plaça d’Antoni Maura and Plaça Antonio López.

Castellers at La Mercè

The event has locals competing in the fine art of building human towers – no less than eight to ten layers of people stand up on each other’s shoulders. The event draws particularly big crowds: get to Plaça Sant Jaume early to grab a good spot.


Barcelona Acció Musical (BAM) music festival runs during La Mercè in various locations and features well known artists, as well as showcasing less established local artists in the more intimate stages scattered around the city.

Stay close to the action at Vilanova Park which is within easy reach of the city.

Limber up in Lederhosen

What? Oktoberfest

Where? Munich, Germany

When? 19 Sept- 4 Oct 2015

Get involved and dress up in traditional Bavarian wear and head towards this annual beer festival. The beer tents tend to fill-up quickly, so people line up very early to insure a spot – there are 14 main tents all with different vibes and don’t worry about squeezing next to a group of strangers; it won’t be long until you’re swaying alongside each other to the oom-pah music and soon after you’ll be dancing on the tables like the best of friends!

Have you been to any famous festivals across Europe? Share your experience in the comments below or tell us over Facebook!  


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