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The battle of Europe’s romantic cities

by Ellen 9th February 2016
Eiffel Tower at night

With some of the most enchanting romantic cities in the world, Europe should definitely be a top contender for an adults only holiday and you’ll be spoilt for choice deciding where to spoil your significant other.

We’ve explored the romantic sides of Paris, Amsterdam, Rome and Bern to help you find The One, and recommended a range of affordable camps near all of these great romantic cities. In this European showdown, it’s definitely going to be a close call! 

Paris, France

[responsive-image id=’4493′ align=’center’ caption=’A toast to Paris!’ alt=’Wine in Paris’]

Some may see this as the cliché choice, but Paris encompasses everything you need for the perfect romantic holiday. Journey to the top of the Eiffel Tower for a breathtaking view or take an evening stroll in the gardens below and watch it sparkle. Cruise the River Seine, take in the beauty of the candle lit Notre Dame and get cosy with a glass of vino in one of many pretty French restaurants.

Explore Paris from Paris Est-Champigny

Amsterdam, Holland

[responsive-image id=’4487′ align=’center’ caption=’Photo taken by Vicky Parkinson on her Eurocamp trip to Holland’ alt=’Bike & windmill, Holland ‘]

With a village-like charm and a vast network of sleepy, scenic canals, Amsterdam wins for laidback, understated romance. Drift along the tree-lined canal in a rowing boat, hire a bicycle built for two, discover hidden gems at the local marketplace, and lose yourself in the cobbled streets lined with quirky shops.

Explore Amsterdam from Koningshof Campsite

Rome, Italy

[responsive-image id=’4491′ align=’center’ caption=’Bowl for two?’ alt=’Spaghetti with tomato, mushroom and basil’]

With sumptuous pizza and pasta dishes, gorgeous wine and scrumptious deserts, Italian food is all about sharing – perfect for a romantic meal. And with a beautiful backdrop like Rome, you may never want to leave. Wander the historic paths of the Roman Forum, make a wish at the Trevi Fountain and take in an enchanting view of the city above the Piazza de Popolo serenaded by a busking guitarist.

Explore Rome from Camping Village Fabulous 

Bern, Switzerland

[responsive-image id=’4492′ align=’center’ caption=’Beautiful Bern’ alt=’Bern, Switzerland’]

One of the lesser known European capital cities, this hidden Swiss gem is always picture-postcard ready. Bern is a captivating city surrounded by snow-capped mountains and vast gardens – a complete breath of fresh air compared with other crowded, bustling capitals in Europe. Wander the streets of Old Town, enjoy the natural beauty of the Mountain Park and splash out on Swiss chocolate and handmade treasures at the local shops.

Explore Bern from Manor Farm

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