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Top 5 Anti iPad Holiday Activities for kids

by Anna 9th March 2015

Family holidays are all about spending quality time together and trying out fun activities. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done nowadays with tech-obsessed kids glued to their iPads and latest gizmos out on the market.

Of course, the iPad can be a blessing in disguise for parents – at least you don’t hear that dreaded phrase, “I’m bored” when they have an iPad in front of them. But if you do want to see their face peer above the iPad screen a little more often – especially on the next family holiday – then have a read of my top 5 anti iPad holiday activities for kids that’ll keep everyone happy!

1) Less pelting pigs with those Angry Birds and more loving nature!

[responsive-image id=’1941′ align=’left’ caption=’Horse Riding’]

Turn off the animal app and horse around outside instead. At Eurcamp we have parcs where the kids can enjoy supervised pony trekking through the peaceful countryside.  Or how about improving their aim in real life and take them out for a spot of crazy golf?

Check out our pony trekking parcs >

2.) Forget Peekaboo barn, go see the real deal!

[responsive-image id=’1945′ align=’right’ caption=’Parc Animalieur’]

Visit the mini farm at Parc Animalieur for an animal encounter of your own. It’s the perfect place for a day out, giving kids the chance to visit the petting area, bounce around on the trampolines and enjoy a pedalo ride on the lake.  The closest Eurocamp parc is Atlantique in Brittany.

If you’re in the mood for Spanish holiday sun, make sure you venture to Santillana del Mar zoo or Cabárceno Animal Park, which is recognised throughout Europe for its positive approach to conservation. The closest Eurocamp parc is Playa Joyel.   

3.) Fed up of hearing those singing animated babies in the app Baby Sign and Sing?

[responsive-image id=’1942′ align=’left’ caption=’Mini Fun Station’]

If that’s a yes, take them to Eurocamp’s mini fun station for some real fun! The mini fun station provides a safe environment for the little ones to take part in games, songs, art and loads more with a little help from our mascot, Buddy Bear, and specially trained Kids’ Couriers.

Find out more about mini fun station parcs >

4.) Can’t get enough of Princess Dress-Up? Try the real thing at Disneyland Paris

[responsive-image id=’1944′ align=’right’ caption=”]Grown ups love Paris for the culture, the romance, the action (hello Tour de France and French Open!) but it also offers the dream experience for every child: Disneyland Paris. If your young ones love magical apps, a trip to the real thing is a guaranteed fun day out for all (unless you’ve hit your Frozen sing-along limit – sorry that’s now part of the Disney line-up for 2015…) and not an iPad in sight!

Where to stay? La Croix du Vieux Pont

5.) iPad exceeding its data limit due to the thousand films downloaded onto it?

[responsive-image id=’1940′ align=’left’ caption=’Movieland Studios’]

Hit pause on the film (they’ve probably watched it for the zillionth time) and take them to Movieland in Lake Garda – a theme park dedicated to Hollywood Cinema! Step into the movies and get immersed in the adrenaline-junkie film stunt show!

Check out the perfect parcs for thrill-seekers

Those are my top 5 anti iPad activities – I hope they are enough to lever the iPad out of your child’s clutches to enjoy the fun packed family holiday abroad you’ve been looking forward to!

Have you got any alternatives we should add to the list? Tell us what your secret anti-app weapon is!

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