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What’s new in travel technology?

by Caroline 18th January 2016

Whether you’re in the middle of planning your 2016 holiday or already have it booked, check out our top pieces of new travel technology you need to enhance your experience!

Cameras with real get up and go

If you’re off on an adventure the chances are you’ll want a really good camera to capture your holiday moments. Rather than a traditional camera, why not invest in a GoPro? As well as the usual stills, it can capture fun and exciting video footage – in amazing definition!

You can also buy several great accessories to complement the camera.

Some of the best include a RAM socket arm and clamp. The clamp and suction cup allow you to attach your GoPro to pretty much any material or surface, so you can take the snapshot you’ve been dreaming of – with you in it too! This is perfect for lone travellers, or families who want everyone in the shot.


[responsive-image id=’4394′ align=’left’ caption=’FitBit heart rate monitor’ alt=’FitBit heart rate monitor’]

FitBits are gaining popularity fast, with more and more people using them to help monitor their health and fitness. But they are also amazing to take away with you if you’re planning an active holiday.

These are wireless activity trackers that measure data, such as the quality of sleep, the number of steps walked and climbed. So, depending on the type of holiday you want, this might be a worthwhile investment to keep tabs on your activity while you’re away.

Boarding passes go mobile

This may seem like the obvious choice, but with more stuff than ever ‘going mobile’, your phone will help you keep everything in order. [responsive-image id=’4396′ align=’right’ caption=” alt=’travel-tech-graphic-jpeg-crop’]

Mobile boarding passes are becoming increasingly popular; the document is sent directly to your phone and you show this at the gate, rather than having to print out a version.

Your phone can also house a huge range of handy travel apps – check out our recommendations here.

Olixar Power Up Kit

This is the supreme kit from Olixar that allows you to charge any type or any number of smart devices simultaneously. This kit is all you need to get power quickly no matter where you are in the world or how many devices you have.

Perfect for families, this set eliminates any chance of arguing abroad over chargers and who uses the power adapter first! So, your devices get powered up with no hassle and it’s completely stress free.

Eurocamp Virtual Tour

[responsive-image id=’4392′ align=’left’ caption=” alt=’Eurocamp virtual tour’]

With all these gadgets to use on the holiday itself, all you need to do now is book the perfect trip. Eurocamp is well equipped to help you here. Offering an amazing range of destinations and an easy-to-use and helpful flight finder and car hire section, you can now take virtual tours of some of their parcs and accommodation to see exactly what they’re like before you make your decision.

[responsive-image id=’4393′ align=’right’ caption=” alt=’Eurocamp virtual tour’]

This high-tech, interactive experience is available across seven parcs in France and Spain and can be found on the website on the parc overview pages. Keep an eye out for new drone footage coming soon too and tap into the newest technologies to help you realise where it is you want to go!

What new travel technology would you love to try? Share your thoughts in the comments or join the conversation on Facebook.  

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